Fibre Channel Switches

Designed as an entry-level solution, the SANbox5800 products from QLogic are stackable fibre-channel switches that enable companies access to a high-performance, 8 GBit/s storage network. The switches integrate seamlessly into existing 4 GBit/s installations.

To connect single models in the stack, the switches feature 20 x 8 GBit/s ports via an additional 4 x 10 GBit/s ports. Lower delay times can be achieved when sending information and data. A licence key is also available to accelerate the port speed to 20 GBit/s.

The 'pay as you grow" principle from QLogic helps you customize your network to your particular needs at the moment. You can start with an 8-port configuration (a total of 20 ports are supported by the basic version) and if the number of ports you need grows, you can activate inactive ports in four simple steps. By extending the stacks to a maximum of six components, you have a total of 120 ports available.

All systems are supplied with a single application which you can use to install, configure, monitor, diagnose and upgrade your device. The graphic user interface is easy to use and features Wizard functions to help install and manage products. Thanks to this interface, integration and management can be done without the support of an SAN expert.

  1. SANbox 5800V FC switch, 8-20x 8Gb ports, SFPs, single Power
    Cost-optimised entry-level switch for fibre channel networks. Scalable from pay as you grow principle of 8 - 120 ports in the stack configured with 8 Qlogic SFP modules
    • 20 x 8 Gbps ports, 8 switched ports
    • 4 x 10/20Gbps ports for stacking
    • Single power supply
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    SKU SB5800V-08A8
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  2. QLogic SANbox 5802V FC switch, 20x 8 Gbit ports, dual power
    Fibre Channel Switch with redundant PSU. Scalable up to 120 ports in the stack, 20 ports enabled
    • 20 x 8Gbps ports
    • 4 x 10/20Gbps ports
    • up to 120 ports in the stack
    • Dual power supply
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    SKU SB5802V-20A8
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